Growing Athleisure Trend is Changing Colors

Athleisure Pink Floral Pattern
It is a great idea to add some colors to a routine! Photo - Instagram - rain_fitness

Heading to the gym for a workout or a run along the beach or city streets doesn’t mean you have to kick all fashion sense to the curb.

Athleisure is a clothing trend designed specifically to look trendy, while being able to move in style. And the best part is that it is so eye-catching that you can keep wearing it after exercise to casual gatherings, school, or sometimes even to the workplace.

Athleisure is here to stay, and not only it is growing in popularity, but also it is changing colors and adding more style design choices. So, it is time to not lose pace, but rather keep up with the changing trends.

As it gains momentum, some of the fashionable options move and bend to suit individual tastes. Color is one of these changes. It used to be that the go-to color for working out was to grab those black leggings and hit the ground running. Today’s athleisure options are shedding some light on additional color choices.

What’s the most popular color for athleisure this year?

For women, pink leggings are among the most popular trends of late. Go all pink in any shade you desire with a variety of waistline and workout pant lengths to choose from. Add a pop of style with an asymmetrical design blending two or three different shades, and throw in a few mesh inset panels or calf-height cut outs on full-length or crop pink leggings.

If pink is just not your thing, consider some other expressive selections. Floral prints and other multi-colorful designs are still a popular style perk. Some of these prints come in a black and white option for those who refuse to give up their black leggings entirely. Choose a design that reflects your individual personality.

When you’re ready to jump into comfort, don’t feel the need to break the bank buying athleisure wear. There are plenty of styles available to meet even a college student’s budget with many well-made and attractive selections in any budget range.