About Elix Magazine


Dear Readers,

We are happy to announce the launch of Elix Magazine!

With your support, we have the ambition to become America’s most popular print and digital gloss magazine!

And here are few reasons for you to be with us in this challenging and exciting journey!

Reason 1. We are Different

At the time when most magazines go niche, our niche is covering broad range of important and interesting subjects with informative articles, photos, videos, analytics.

We believe that when a family subscribes to a high quality magazine, they will benefit greatly if every family member can find something that is engaging and relevant for him or her.

While one in a family might enjoy reading Luxury and Investment sections, another person will probably love reading articles in Fashion and Lifestyle. Perhaps, someone is looking for in-depth health related materials, while also being an avid sports fan that can appreciate a great read on the favorite team or athlete.

Reason 2. Conservative or Liberal? Neither

Let’s start with the fact that the opposite of Conservative¬† is Progressive¬† and the opposite of Liberalism is Totalitarianism.

Politicians would like you to believe that you have to make a choice between being conservative or progressive and vote on every matter correspondingly and consistently.

As if one cannot be conservative in family matters and progressive for the issues related to business regulation and vice versa.

They will have you debate endlessly about gun rights and abortion, while healthcare and education costs are growing at much faster pace than inflation for decades now.

A well known conservative might actively campaign for someone who has zero regard for family values and doesn’t pay taxes, while a famous progressive will block a legislature that would allow import of medical drugs that sell for a fraction of the cost abroad, because he might be accepting regular contributions from the industry to act in their interests.

And does someone count as conservative, if he is fighting for taking us all to the past negating tens of years of the progress made?

So we refuse to be defined by those labels and will report all the facts, information and analytics based on the best interests of the people.

And we really hope you will support us in this by becoming our regular reader!

Reason 3. It Will Be Fun! And Rewarding!

We believe that even the important and serious subjects can be covered in an engaging easy and fun to read manner.

And there is no reason it cannot be rewarding for our readers! Once our first print issue goes live, we intend to reward our readers for loyalty.

You will have chance to win valuable prizes, such as smartphones, computers, designer clothes, cash and more just for being with us!

Registering on Elix.com, liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter and Instagram, reading and sharing our news etc. will multiply your chance for a nice and pleasant surprise without need to enter.

And we will find ways to reward our earlier supporters even in more ways!

We Have Re-branded!

While we set to our journey with the news website “The Eurasian”, informing American readers on about the events in Europe and Asia, as well as adding new perspective to the domestic news.

In 2018, we changed direction and decided to turn our project into a digital magazine with the ambition to become the largest circulation magazine in the USA within few years. We chose “Class” as our brand, as we wanted to create only the first class content for our readers.

Soon, however, we realized that its first association in the minds of our readers was with the education. So, in 2019 we re-branded to Elix, as it conveys perfectly our mission to extract the most valuable aspects of the infinite information floating around. We want to be very selective and focus on the most newsworthy, interesting, useful, positive information.

Thank you for being with us in our journey!