Attracting Beneficial Insects to Gardens

    Honey Bee is about to pollinate flowers
    Bees and other insects are needed to pollinate plants

    Gardens need bugs! Insects are needed to pollinate plants and make the garden blossom. Without butterflies, bees, and bugs, plants will not produce fruit and the garden will be sad and unproductive. While many beneficial insects will show up on their own, it is worthwhile to create a haven for them and draw them in.

    Give Shelter

    Like all creatures of the earth, insects seek shelter to protect them from the elements, from predators and to have a safe place to raise their young. Bushes and hedges are ideal for this. Hollow branches and piles of twigs or wood also make nice homes for insects. Make sure there are places around your garden that an insect can hide out and create a home.

    Provide Food

    Plants produce nectar which pollinators feed on. The nectar each plant produces is meant to draw in a specific type of insect. Growing a variety of vegetables and flowers will draw in a variety of insects. The top pollinators in each region are different so to boost your success, look up which ones are common in your area and plant for them.

    Bees, in particular, are thought to prefer native plants over exotic ones. Beneficial insects are more likely to see flowers you have planted for them if they are in groups or large bunches.

    Supply Water

    A small basin or birdbath is a great way to provide water for all pollinators. Butterflies are known to gather in groups to drink. If there is a safe space in or around your garden from them to do this, they are more likely to visit and stay.

    Forgo Pesticides

    There are some bugs we don’t want in the garden. However, when we use pesticides to get rid of them, we are often killing off the good insects too. To create the safest space for garden pollinators, limit or abstain from the use of pesticides.

    Creating a safe space for pollinators to live not only enhances the success of your garden; it also increases the beauty. The variety of plants and flowers that they enjoy are also beautiful for us to enjoy as well.