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Biographical Info - Elix Magazine
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Dear Readers, We are happy to announce the launch of Elix Magazine! With your support, we have the ambition to become America’s most popular print and digital gloss magazine! And here are few reasons for you to be with us in this challenging and exciting journey! Reason 1. We are Different At the time when […]

Honey Bee is about to pollinate flowers
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Gardens need bugs! Insects are needed to pollinate plants and make the garden blossom. Without butterflies, bees, and bugs, plants will not produce fruit and the garden will be sad and unproductive. While many beneficial insects will show up on their own, it is worthwhile to create a haven for them and draw them in. […]

Until Debt Tear us Apart
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Being an everyday American right now comes with its challenges and here are some harrowing things to ponder on. For those Americans in employment, close on 80% report living from pay-check to pay-check.  Further, roughly 50% of Americans have savings of less than $1,000.00.  And to add to this frown-forming set of worries, 13% of […]

Race car - Formula 1 - Pit stop
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You slip inside your car, start the engine, adjust your mirrors, and you’re off. You probably never stopped to think that each of those steps you follow routinely without much thought was inspired by racing car designs. Why not? Race car drivers are literally putting their lives in the trust of engineering. If their car […]

Vegetables Tomatoes Herbs from Own Garden
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Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have space for a large garden. There are a wide variety of herbs and vegetables that can grow in containers and in small spaces. If you have a windowsill that faces south, that is an excellent place to put a few plants. Or if there is deck space or […]

Athleisure Pink Floral Pattern
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Heading to the gym for a workout or a run along the beach or city streets doesn’t mean you have to kick all fashion sense to the curb. Athleisure is a clothing trend designed specifically to look trendy, while being able to move in style. And the best part is that it is so eye-catching […]

Healthcare - Doctor after surgery
11 months ago no Comment

Freedom is a complicated thing. Freedom of speech and expression per the First Amendment?  Sure.  Freedom to fly a Confederate flag?  Erm, ok, but why would you want to? The right to bear arms as stipulated by the Second Amendment.  Yes indeed.  Freedom to own a semi-automatic rifle and bump-stock while mentally ill?  Hmmm, can […]

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The United States government plans to spend approximately $1.3 billion (FY18 appropriation) to nonprofit organizations and local government agencies annually to keep detained migrant children and provide services via Unaccompanied Alien Children Program. According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), the organization that takes custody of the children within three days of their detainment, almost […]

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